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What Do We Think of When We Think of Capital Cities?

In 2010, as South Sudan was preparing to gain independence from Sudan, an intriguing proposal was suggested. Why not design its cities...

Iolanthe on My Mind

I often think it's comical That Nature always does contrive   That every boy and every gal

The Meaning of R

Rarely has a parameter in a model attracted so much attention as the number R - the reproduction rate of covid-19 infection....

Look at home to find the efficiency gains from recent technological...

The technological changes that have occurred in the past decade have, from an economic perspective, increased at virtually no cost the efficiency of household production. Trying to account for this kind of development is the considerable challenge being undertaken by Sir Charles Bean's review of the UK's national statistics.

Sex, lies and pitfalls of overblown statistics

Always ask of data “what is the question to which this number is the answer?”. “Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation on a like-for-like basis before allowance for exceptional restructuring costs” is the answer to the question “what is the highest profit number we can present without attracting flat disbelief?”.