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Narrow Banking

The Reform of Banking Regulation We should spend less time trying to ensure that our regulators can regulate financial behemoths with turnovers bigger than the...

Dismal, yes, but economics flies off the shelves

If you want a book on economics to take to the beach, you are spoiled for choice at the airport bookstall. What you will find falls into three categories: Thump books, microeconomics books with little economics and the macroeconomic story-teller.

Britain has sunk itself deep into a fiscal black hole

In practice, the only successful method of reducing public spending as a share of GDP has been to impose tight curbs while the economy is growing rapidly. We shall be lucky if such an opportunity appears.

The Rationale of the Market Economy: a European Perspective

The fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 was the defining economic event of our lifetime. It marked the end of the most extensive controlled experiment in the history of social sciences – the division of Germany into two economic zones, one centralised and planned, the other a market economy. After forty years, the gap in living standards between the two was so extreme that the experiment was terminated.

Why ‘too big to fail’ is too much for us to...

Liberal democracies of the modern world based on lightly regulated capitalism acknowledge two mechanisms of accountability – the marketplace and the ballot box.

Labour’s affair with bankers is to blame for this sorry state

The crippling consequence of inability to admit error is the impossibility of learning from past mistakes.

How economics lost sight of real world

There is not, and never will be, an economic theory of everything. We should observe empirical regularities and we will often find pragmatic solutions that work even though our understanding of why they work is incomplete.

Do not depend on Otherland to apply the rules

The best answer would be more Europe – an effective pan-European regulator and a single Europe-wide scheme for protecting depositors.

The fallacy of equating economic power with clout

Dominance of an industry or activity is not the same as scale. International trade is conducted by individuals and businesses, not governments, and it is them, who negotiate the division of the value added trade creates.

Lessons from a 1930s rebound that petered out

Our capacity to learn from the Great Depression is limited because we do not know how economies would have evolved after 1938 if politics had not supervened.