Narrow Banking


The Reform of Banking Regulation

We should spend less time trying to ensure that our regulators can regulate financial behemoths with turnovers bigger than the GDP of many countries and more on trying to redesign the financial services industry so that regulation focuses on the interests of the public as consumers of financial services.

Download the full report as well as a Q&A of frequently asked questions.


To read the full report, download a pdf version here:

Narrow Banking 


  Narrow Banking (full report)


You can also download a comprehensive Q&A, in which John answers questions such as:

Is narrow banking a ‘new Glass Steagall’?, But surely better regulation will prevent major financial institutions from engaging in excessive risk taking in future? , Doesn’t a big world needs big banks?, Wouldn’t the plans for ‘living wills’, combined with a proper resolution regime for insolvent financial institutions, do the trick?, But isn’t everything all right now that investment banking is very profitable again?

Narrow Banking



  Narrow Banking Q&A (Jan 2010)

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