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Private finance initiative

Public investment is now prioritised according to whether it can be disguised by the private finance initiative: Goodhart’s Law has come into play once again.

A German lesson

The great German experiment teaches us a great deal. One of the lessons is that microeconomic policy is of critical important.

Investment quality

Does it matter if all of Britain's electricity generating companies are owned by Americans? Neither laissez-faire nor chauvinism is the appropriate response to foreign ownership.

A Theory of the Social Market

The communitarian view of politics and society - whereby our actions and views are inseperable from the communities in which we live - is not incompatible with mainstream economic thinking. Rather, it heightens our understanding of how markets work.

Clear thinking muddied by competitiveness

We would do better to stop talking about competitiveness. It seems only to get in the way of clear thinking.

The victory of market forces over central planning is complete (Social...

The victory of market forces over central planning is complete. The communist regimes of Eastern Europe collapsed under the weight of their own...

Social life of the markets

Different societies function in different ways, but Britain is really a “high trust” society. We would do well to recognise this.

In out of the cold

Economists have walked out into the cold as far as business strategy is concerned. Slowly, they are starting to return.