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Swiss in time with technology

If you really want to find the New Economy - and the underestimation of productivity gains - look no further than Switzerland.

Omens brightening in India and China

A brief history of business in the 21st Century

Invisible hand or chaos

Perhaps the invisible hand of Adam Smith is not as important in free market economies as the freedom for unsuccessful experiments to fail.

Tracking the net effect of innovation

A network industry which fundamentally changed the way we live, followed by a speculative bubble: but how much would you have made if you’d got in right at the start with Great Western Railways?

Looking at cost, not value

Regardless of what something seems to be worth, I should never pay more for something than it would cost me to replace it. On this basis, mobile phone companies look expensive.

Mastering Strategy: Resource Based Strategy

The resource based view of strategy has a coherence and integrative role that places it well ahead of other mechanisms of strategic decision making. After thirty years or so, the subject of strategy is genuinely acquiring what can be described as a paradigm - to use the most overworked and abused term in the study of management.

Geography and the GDP puzzle

Looking at the most productive economies in the world, one common element is striking: Western European influence. This is a most unfashionable observation to make.

Everyday tale of truth and falsehood

The reason competitive markets work is because, over time, we have stumbled on processes which force people to reveal what they really want and how much they want it.

Where size is not everything

Concentration in the car industry is increasing as the market goes global: a common story, and an untrue one.

The equities century

The equity risk premium seems very high; but perhaps it has just been an unusually good century for equity investors.