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Crisis, what crisis?

The crisis in the European social model should be clearly visible from Copenhagen. It proves hard to establish what is really supposed to be going wrong.

Risky business of genes

Our social attitudes, and our economic institutions – from the welfare state to the commercial legal system – depend on the increasingly tenuous distinction between nature, nurture and personal responsibility.

Equality and the Modern Economy: Are companies the new partners in...

Wednesday 28th October 1998 In the last of these seminars, John Gray described the social liberal position in equality, which he contrasted with what he...

The future is not what it used to be

A look at 1960s futurology suggests that we have been misled by one extraordinary sector, electronics, into exaggerating the rate at which the world around us is changing.

The Third Way

Is the third way simply an eclectic compromise which offers to drop any unpalatable bits from the familiar ideologies of far right and far left? I argue that if there is a third way, this is not where we will find it.

The Role of Business in Society

The view of business as necessarily selfish, narrow and instrumental, is, as it always has been, nonsense. Business which is selfish in motivation, narrow in outlook, and instrumental in behaviour is rarely successful business.

A lost manuscript and the fantasy world of Amer and Eur

Being the fantastical story of the islands of Amer and Eur…

Frontiers of fashion

We overestimate the importance of short-term political change, and underestimate the significance of deep-seated societal difference.

Produced to price

For many people the role of manufacturing industry is an emotional issue rather than an economic one - meet the manufacturing fetishists.

Don’t just do it

When should a government intervene in the market? It is not clear what New Labour thinks is the answer.