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Robust and Resilient Finance

Support for this paper was gratefully received from the Korea Institute of Finance, which has published it here. Abstract

What Happens Next: Radical Uncertainty in 6 Minutes

John joined the What Happens Next podcast to summarise Radical Uncertainty in just 6 minutes, as well as answering questions that dive...

Mission Economy by Mariana Mazzucato — could moonshot thinking help fix...

Ever since 1969, people have asked themselves why if humans can land on the moon, can’t they solve pressing problems here on...

The Secret of Our Success: A Review

The title, The Secret of Our Success, may lead this book be mistaken for a self-help manual, to be shelved alongside 12 Rules for...

Scotland builds its economic muscle to fight again for independence

Watching the progress of Scottish nationalism is like watching a teenager grow up. Last year, at the age of 18, Scotland’s devolved parliament finally...

The Great Economists Debate

Listen to my discussion with Linda Yueh and Andrew Scott on some of the great economists and big questions we face. https://soundcloud.com/londonbusinessschool/the-great-economists-debate-john-kay-andrew-scott-and-linda-yueh-event-audio  

Embrace radical uncertainty

Embrace radical uncertainty Between 1920 and 1950, a debate took place which defined the future of economics in the second half of the 20th century....