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Moving Beyond “Capitalism”

https://soundcloud.com/curioio/john-kay-moving-beyond/s-1dfFJ I wish we would stop using the word Capitalism. It is a 19th-century term, derived from 19th-century economic philosophy. But today people who would run...

Ugly descriptions of the the market economy undermine its real successes

The Labour and Conservative party election manifestos mark a retreat from the economic liberalism of the years from 1980 to 2015. There is a risk that the real achievements in removing obstacles to productivity and innovation will be steadily eroded.

Gambling is a feature of capitalism – not a bug

In a modern capitalist economy, almost everything is for sale, including risks. Markets can transfer known risks to people or institutions who can handle...

Re-Imagining Capitalism (John Kay discussion with McKinsey)

On January 31st John participated in a McKinsey alumni webcast, outlining why he thinks that it is our description of capitalism (based on market fundamentalism) that needs to be updated rather than capitalism itself.