Re-Imagining Capitalism (John Kay discussion with McKinsey)

On January 31st John participated in a McKinsey alumni webcast, outlining why he thinks that it is our description of capitalism (based on market fundamentalism) that needs to be updated rather than capitalism itself.


John starts at 5m 20s.

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  1. John. Thanks for sharing this.

    I particularly enjoyed the concice brevity of your answers as you enabled the moderators to shift through a long list of questions.

    If only others did not feel the need to echo, expand and thus dilute your precise message!

  2. Very valuable and tons of information easy to understand. No hype. Both speakers are knowledgeable in their respective areas. I also want to thank McKinsey for bringing these 2 people. Hearing them is so uplifting. With new information from all of you, I don’t think I am left behind in this vibrant society that we live in.again thank you and may the almighty God always bless for your contribution and sharing. Ernie Razon

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