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Blue sky thinking from McBainey and Acronym

A report to CE International plc (formerly the Church of England) on the management challenges it faces.

Buy as bankers move from denial to depression

Although the progress of grief is predictable, it is also slow. Sell on denial, buy on depression, was my advice to investors last year and it looks still valid today.

How I blew my money on the wrong video discs

There are historic lessons to be learnt from the recent high definition format war: the importance of the installed base and the unpredictability of consumer markets.

No need to own the road: buy the tollbooth

Mr Buffett’s success demonstrates the weakness of one economic theory, the efficient market hypothesis, and the strength of another – the central role that the pursuit and defence of economic rents plays in modern corporate life.

Sloppy talk means executives are lost in space

The corporation’s unique identity is defined by its distinctive capabilities. The matching of distinctive capability to market and industry is the process that defines “our space”.

Business lessons from chess grand masters

People who hold to a single idea, or a fixed design, generally lose in chess, as they lose in battle, in business and in economics.

How private equity revamped a London high street

Christmas shopping in Marylebone High Street provides insight into the internalisation of externalities and the relationship between corporate governance and business strategy.

Chain reaction that burned out ICI

Farewell to ICI, Britain’s leading industrial company for most of the 20th century. As a national institution, ICI nurtured some of Britain’s best management talent and developed the skills and knowledge behind the country’s most successful postwar industry.

Shallow lesson of business books

The mistake both authors and publishers of business books make is to confuse a book about “what I did” with a book about “how to do it”.

Hilton and the business of milking brands

When pressure for brand extension of products and geography is continuous, and the service must be delivered by local partners, it is hard to maintain the brand as a means of quality control.