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The real cost to business of government guarantees

The most effective control is other parties’ diligence in assessing the businesses with which they deal.

How the market proved no panacea for BT

If you aim to create a dynamic, successful business, a state-owned utility is not the place to start.

First-class driving makes little economic sense

The benefit of road improvements is principally the reduced time and strain on private motorists, not the economic advantages to road transport operators: that lesson should influence the way we plan our road networks. Fast roads for light traffic are much cheaper to build than superhighways.

Our banks are beyond the control of mere mortals

Great and enduringly successful organisations are not stages on which geniuses can strut. They are structures that make the most of the ordinary talents of ordinary people.

Salutary lessons from the downfall of a carmaker

The decline of GM is as instructive as its rise. The challenge of how to reconcile professional management with a culture of innovation remains for ever a central issue for management thinkers.

The fallacy of equating economic power with clout

Dominance of an industry or activity is not the same as scale. International trade is conducted by individuals and businesses, not governments, and it is them, who negotiate the division of the value added trade creates.

Tax havens exist because of the hypocrisy of larger states

Havens exist only because larger states allow them to exist, and larger states allow them to exist because the customers of havens are the rich and powerful.

What Tesco knows and Woolies forgot

I do not think children should be taught that greed is the most powerful human motivation. The people who are most successful in business in the long run are people who are passionate about business, not money.

The east’s innovators are no threat to the west

Commercial and economic success, even in technological industries, depends not on the quality of technology, but on the match between technology and the needs of its customers.

Economic growth can be about better – not more

Why do we use no more materials today than a century ago? Modern economic growth is about better rather than more