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A lost cause?

The notion that effective management and free intellectual inquiry are incompatible derives from the belief that if you give people authority to fix Iris...

An object lesson in prevarication: Oxford University

Oxford University is still one the world's greatest academic institutions. To rise to fresh challenges in the twenty first century it must begin to address the ineffectiveness of its proceedings.

The Management of the University of Oxford…. Facing the Future

John resigned as Director of Oxford University's Said Business School in July 2000. A year and half later, he breaks his silence to talk about some of the frustrations of attempting to help the university face up to the challenges of the twenty first century.

Dr Clarendon

Dr Clarendon, an expert on the Management of Decline, provides a more light-hearted account of John's views on the state of Oxford University.

When consensus does not really mean agreement

Just as universities need to tell people to stop quibbling and work towards a common objective, companies need to realise that clustering around a corporate conventional wisdom that has not been subject to analysis and debate is also not a recipe for success.