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How a proud corporate history can lead to poor governance

The failures of the Coop provide insights into common management problems in not for profit institutions - including Oxford University.

Banks too often get the blame when management is at fault

Failed business people who blame the banks rather than themselves identify themselves as people whose future ventures should not be supported.

Oxford needs to look outwards for help

Among European universities, Oxford has the best of reputation. Yet, as the gap between the best European insitutions for higher education widens in relation to top American universities, it is worth asking whether Oxford is, under the current system of management, capable of reform.

Desperate dons must take risks for bigger rewards

Tony Blair has shown decisive leadership qualities in putting forward necessary but unpopular proposals to restore universities' freedom to set fees. It needs to be matched by similar qualities of leadership in the universities themselves.

Merger lectures are best ignored

The biggest universities in the world are clearly not the best. So why do some British universities think that mergers will make them world class?

Business can be a Nobel pursuit

The gap between American universities and the rest of the world is widening. The week in which the Nobel Prizes are awarded is an opportune time to ask why.

Reflections on the New Economy

John recalls his thinking during the extraordinary years of the 'new economy'.

Oxford Experiences

John Kay became a Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford in 1970 and taught in the university for ten years. After periods...

On John Kay’s Bookshelf – Archive page

Books that John has reviewed in the past...

Oxford University: Facing the Future (Prospect reply)

John Kay responds to some of the criticisms that resulted from his recent article in Prospect Magazine.