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Ticket touts

As All England Club strives once more to foil ticket touts, the professional economist views the idea of the “just price” with patronising and detached amusement. But is he right?

Why regulate securities?

In this talk, John describes some of the differences between an economic approach to regulation - concerned with indentifying market failures - and how markets mechanisms can be best adapted to deal with them. He contrasts this with the legal style of regulation which has been the historic basis of monitoring financial services. The conclusion is that we might manage our financial services better if, in inventing the regulation, the role of economists were greater.

Underweight on business

Why not diversify by buying a tracker fund? Because what is representative of the stock market is not at all representative of the British economy.

The equities century

The equity risk premium seems very high; but perhaps it has just been an unusually good century for equity investors.

A scientific formula for playing games in the dark

As John and Linda try to rendezvous at a convenient restaurant, a little game theory might suggest some strategies.

The Third Way

Is the third way simply an eclectic compromise which offers to drop any unpalatable bits from the familiar ideologies of far right and far left? I argue that if there is a third way, this is not where we will find it.

Economic forces and the hairdresser

Do not believe those who tell you that concentration or globalisation is inevitable. Think of your hairdresser.

A lost manuscript and the fantasy world of Amer and Eur

Being the fantastical story of the islands of Amer and Eur…

Lemon economics

Tobacco companies are allowed to make no claims for their product at all, except that it is bad for you. An economist’s perspective on advertising may explain why.

Don’t just do it

When should a government intervene in the market? It is not clear what New Labour thinks is the answer.