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Young surfers catch a wave

The Parable of Dot, Com and Uncle Sam. Where exactly is Uncle Sam’s money going?

How real is the New Economy? A debate between John Kay...

With a sense of historical perspective that is submerged by today's e-babble, we can see that some of these dreams will have to become reality simply to ensure that the pace of change over the next century is as rapid as the pace of change has been over the last two centuries.

Dose of retail therapy

“Rip-Off Britain” has turned into a damp squib. Economists are unlikely to be surprised.

Swiss in time with technology

If you really want to find the New Economy - and the underestimation of productivity gains - look no further than Switzerland.

Bars now offer drinks all round

The Beer Orders proposed greater competition in the brewing industry. The results surprised them, but competition sometimes benefits customers in unexpected ways.

Forthcoming book – a summary

A flavour of John's forthcoming book, 'The Truth About Markets'.

Invisible hand or chaos

Perhaps the invisible hand of Adam Smith is not as important in free market economies as the freedom for unsuccessful experiments to fail.

Companies have it both ways

Whose interests are served by waves of mergers and demergers?

Mastering Strategy: Regulated Industries

Regulated businesses face almost all of the strategy issues which confront conventional firms, and some additional ones that are specific to their own environment. As deregulation spreads across Europe, the gap between those firms which handle these specific issues effectively and those which respond to regulation and regulatory changes with hostility, complacency or defeatism will widen rapidly.

Geography and the GDP puzzle

Looking at the most productive economies in the world, one common element is striking: Western European influence. This is a most unfashionable observation to make.