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Economic Education: February 1998

John describes five groups of reasons why economic education is an indispensable part of any general education.

Outside football league table tells us all we need to know

League tables are in vogue, and despite the difficulties they seem worthwhile. If only it were easy to produce a “value added” table.

When consensus does not really mean agreement

Just as universities need to tell people to stop quibbling and work towards a common objective, companies need to realise that clustering around a corporate conventional wisdom that has not been subject to analysis and debate is also not a recipe for success.

A lost manuscript and the fantasy world of Amer and Eur

Being the fantastical story of the islands of Amer and Eur…

Value judgments

Why does water - essential to life - sell for less than diamonds? Any explanation which doesn’t look both at supply and demand will not get you far.

South Bank University – 1997 Annual Lecture

Ten years ago, ICI’s annual report described the company’s objectives: “ICI aims to be the world’s leading chemical company, serving customers internationally through the innovative...

Test of possession

“Ownership” is not a simple concept. I own my umbrella, and companies are owned by their shareholders. The word means different things in different situations.

Redistibutive market liberalism (New Statesman)

For most of the last century, political debate on economic issues has been dominated by socialism. The agenda and the language of socialism...

A Theory of the Social Market

The communitarian view of politics and society - whereby our actions and views are inseperable from the communities in which we live - is not incompatible with mainstream economic thinking. Rather, it heightens our understanding of how markets work.