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Why regulate securities?

In this talk, John describes some of the differences between an economic approach to regulation - concerned with indentifying market failures - and how markets mechanisms can be best adapted to deal with them. He contrasts this with the legal style of regulation which has been the historic basis of monitoring financial services. The conclusion is that we might manage our financial services better if, in inventing the regulation, the role of economists were greater.

Economists and Economics in Business

Most businessmen think that the role of economists is to produce macroeconomic forecasts. Since modern business strategy is, however, increasingly based on economic foundations - largely through resourced based theories - it might be time they reconsidered.

Institute for Fiscal Studies (anniversary piece): April 1999

John recalls his experience in setting up the Institute for Fiscal Studies, one of the UK's most respected economic think tanks.

Few competitors in a novel business

Why Tom Wolfe’s latest book is a better business novel than any of the English competitors

Crisis, what crisis?

The crisis in the European social model should be clearly visible from Copenhagen. It proves hard to establish what is really supposed to be going wrong.

The chainsaw falls on instrumentalism

Chainsaw Al is obsessed with making money. Bill Gates is obsessed with computers. Who is the richer man?

The Third Way

Is the third way simply an eclectic compromise which offers to drop any unpalatable bits from the familiar ideologies of far right and far left? I argue that if there is a third way, this is not where we will find it.

No accounting for creatures of habit

Successful industrialists claim not to act in accordance with economic theory - why is the theory still taught?

In defence of endogenous growth theory

Much jargon is designed to conceal vacuity of thought. But technical terms have their place.

The Hugh Ford Management Lecture: Is Management a Profession?

Since the time of Aristotle, and perhaps before, business has been widely regarded as an activity of inferior moral status. The critics...