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The job of business secretary is to put the future first

A business secretary should focus on issues that enable business to improve how it serves the public. He should not act as a super lobbyist collating the suggestions of the chief executives and public relations consultants constantly banging on his door.

Robber barons of the Rhine

The distinction between the creation and the appropriation of wealth is vital, if not always clear. But our ability to recognise it will determine, not just the fate of individuals, but the future of modern capitalism.

A chance to restore confidence in Britain’s official data

Government spin is especially debilitating because government is a monopoly supplier of much of the information that an informed democracy requires.

Innovation is not about wearing a white coat

Like all business success, innovative success is based on matching capabilities to market.

The real cost to business of government guarantees

The most effective control is other parties’ diligence in assessing the businesses with which they deal.

How the market proved no panacea for BT

If you aim to create a dynamic, successful business, a state-owned utility is not the place to start.

Powerful interests are trying to control the market

A stance which is pro-business must be distinguished from a stance which is pro-market. In the two decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, that distinction has not been appreciated well enough.

Chaotic evolution defines the market economy

Markets are not a well-oiled machine: they are a constantly changing, adaptive biological system.

The Future of Markets

Markets are not a well oiled physical machine: they are a constantly changing, adaptive biological system. Pluralism is their motive force, their essence chaotic, their development inherently uncertain. If we could predict the evolution of markets, we would not need markets in the first place.

Banks must learn to put the customer first

If financial institutions are to survive, they must behave more like supermarkets