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Big media can never be truly creative media

Is it inevitable that media industries will be dominated by conglomerates? This is the industry where scale creates more problem than its advantages

Vive la différence in the local market

A walk on Menton's marché municipal reveals how the conclusions regarding differences in productivity among countries, can be both obvious and meaningless.

Justice in trade is not simply a moral question

The trade justice day is an opportunity to reframe accurately the discussion on international trade.

Survival of the fittest not the fattest

The increased concentration of the car industry has been a commonly used, yet increasingly untrue example on the effects of globalisation. There is still an important lesson to learn though.

On John Kay’s Bookshelf – Archive page

Books that John has reviewed in the past...

High street homilies

As Marks and Spencer goes "back to basics", its story is a paradigm of what happened to British business in the last decade. Was the company's problem that it changed too little - or that it changed too much?

A corporation by any other name

Companies that trade under the family name of their founder have become increasingly rare in recent years, but firms are still concerned with their brand name. It has important functions and sends signals to customers and investors about the firm's reputation.

Geography is still important

Has geography ceased to matter in the age of globalisation, as many people believe? In this article John Kay shows that living standards and patterns of production are still largely determined by geographical factors.

Fine distinctions, big rewards

In business as in sport, the prizes allotted to winners and runners-up are often out of all proportion to the differences between them.

Clusters, connectivity and Kevin Bacon

Building a monopoly on the back of network externalities is possible, but only by ignoring the complex reality of human relations.