Economics is ultimately about people and their material wellbeing, yet individual economic lives and the differences between them are rarely explored.

In my book The Truth About Markets (2003) I took a number of case studies of different households in different parts of the world to show how differences in institutions and economic opportunities affect, not just economic statistics, but individuals.

But since 2003, the world has changed in economic terms, of course, but the use of social media has made it possible for people to exchange information about their lives and experiences, and has encouraged them to do so.

To stimulate further research I’d like to use the power of social media to put together a diverse range anonymised accounts of peoples’ economic lives. If you or a friend are happy to help I’d be grateful if you could populate the following form. In doing so you can be assured that any names or email addresses supplied will not be published, or used for any other purpose outside this project.

    About you


    • Where do you live? City, town or village?

    • In what type of house? With whom?

    • Are you married, or in a stable relationship? Children?

    • What (professional) qualifications do you have?

    • What job do you do for a living? Is it full time, part time or, perhaps, a zero-hours contract? How many hours per week?

    • What is your gross annual wage (before tax), in local currency?

    • Do you have a car?

    • How often do you take holidays, and where do you go?

    • Do you pay a mortgage on your home, or rent? How much per month?

    Are you happy to be contacted for any follow-up research?


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