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How Measurement in Organisations has Changed (Cambridge)

John Kay speaks about the need for seamless integration between the three roles of measurement, which he identifies as external reporting, internal control and internal analysis. His major theme is that the requirements for external reporting should be derived from the measures used for internal control which in turn should be based upon the measures used to complete internal analysis. Hence the seamless link between these three roles of measurement.

Geography and the GDP puzzle

Looking at the most productive economies in the world, one common element is striking: Western European influence. This is a most unfashionable observation to make.

Crisis, what crisis?

The crisis in the European social model should be clearly visible from Copenhagen. It proves hard to establish what is really supposed to be going wrong.

Produced to price

For many people the role of manufacturing industry is an emotional issue rather than an economic one - meet the manufacturing fetishists.

Clear thinking muddied by competitiveness

We would do better to stop talking about competitiveness. It seems only to get in the way of clear thinking.

Social life of the markets

Different societies function in different ways, but Britain is really a “high trust” society. We would do well to recognise this.