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Possible Paths Podcast: Decision-making, ‘Radical’ Uncertainty, Biases & Heuristics, how ‘Greed...


Naked Reflections Podcast

John recently appeared on the Naked Reflections podcast, discussing wealth creation, religion, and economic development with Ahmed Zaidi. Listen to the episode...

The Jolly Swagman: A Practical Guide to Coping with Uncertainty

John spoke with Joe Walker about radical uncertainty, how we can cope with it in practice, and how understanding this gives us...

What Happens Next: Radical Uncertainty in 6 Minutes

John joined the What Happens Next podcast to summarise Radical Uncertainty in just 6 minutes, as well as answering questions that dive...

Radical Uncertainty: Video Recordings

Although future events have been cancelled due to coronavirus, several talks about Radical Uncertainty have been recorded. The discussion and questions at...

Radical Uncertainty: Capital Ideas Podcast

John and Mervyn spoke with Matt Miller of Capital Ideas about Radical Uncertainty. Listen to the podcast here!

Great Thinkers: John Kay FBA on G. L. S. Shackle FBA

Mervyn King and I recently recorded a discussion on GLS Shackle, an economist who has been largely forgotten but has helped inform...

The Great Economists Debate

Listen to my discussion with Linda Yueh and Andrew Scott on some of the great economists and big questions we face. https://soundcloud.com/londonbusinessschool/the-great-economists-debate-john-kay-andrew-scott-and-linda-yueh-event-audio