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The real culprits in Europe’s pensions crisis

The problem of the European pension gap cannot be tackled by the kind of financial engineering proposed by the European Financial Services Round Table. This is not the moment in history to argue that private pension funding is necessarily superior to state provision.

A financial disservice

If the government wants people to save more it will have to look beyond first year economics. Full information and homogenous products are no antidote to imperfect human nature

Taming the public sector hybrid

There is too much inconsistency in the way the UK's privatised industries are managed and financed. A new and comprehensive plan is needed.

Finance and fiction

Christmas Quiz (with full answers)

Premium mortgage advice

Some aspects of financial advice may not need to be tailored.

Buyers must master art of the particular

If stock-picking fails to beat the index, why should picking companies? It won’t, unless mergers carefully match the firms involved.

Downside of regulation

There are many things wrong with British banks, but contrary to the Cruickshank Report, the fact that they make profits is not one of them.

How real is the New Economy? A debate between John Kay...

With a sense of historical perspective that is submerged by today's e-babble, we can see that some of these dreams will have to become reality simply to ensure that the pace of change over the next century is as rapid as the pace of change has been over the last two centuries.

Underweight on business

Why not diversify by buying a tracker fund? Because what is representative of the stock market is not at all representative of the British economy.

The equities century

The equity risk premium seems very high; but perhaps it has just been an unusually good century for equity investors.