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Forget the meltdown, worry about goo and asteroids

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of our successful escape from extinction by the Tunguska meteorite, John examines the economics of the end of the world.

Metaphors in free fall: the anti-bubble named

On 25 June, John offered a bottle of champagne for the best word for the opposite of a market bubble. This week, he reviews readers' many entries and announces the winner

The strange financial physics of the inverse bubble

Bubbles can be downward as well as up. A new term is required.

There is a better way to stop bank failures

If public agencies are to supervise seriously the strategies of high street and investment banks, we might as well nationalise them; the proposal is entertained only because everyone knows it is not really serious.

Buy as bankers move from denial to depression

Although the progress of grief is predictable, it is also slow. Sell on denial, buy on depression, was my advice to investors last year and it looks still valid today.