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Of fortunes and foresight

Will the dominant firms of the next century be the ones that show foresight and react quickly? Many of the best companies work simply by doing traditional business very, very well.

Globalisation of the skies

Many firms have aspirations to “go global”, but this unanimity disguises both differences and confusion.

Down-payment required to curb bid fever

We would be better off if executives involved spent more time minding the store, rather than negotiating to buy each other's stores - so here is a proposal to put sand in the wheels of the takeover machine.

The coming age of a shop for all markets

Retailing exists because consumers are ignorant, small and immobile. Will the internet really change this?

A question of clarity and certainty

Try formalising a dress code and you will understand the importance of informal, cultural regulation.

Threats to Bill Gates and the internet

Can Microsoft maintain its dominance of the world computer market? Is there a long term future for the Internet unless it falls into the hands of a small group of firms?

Learning to define the core business

Ted Levitt’s challenge to “define what business you are in” was based in a fundamental confusion between industries and markets.

The Customer Corporation

The stakeholding view of the nature and purposes of corporations applies most forcefully to monopoly public utilities. This essay analyses some of the problems of utility regulation and proposes a stakeholding alternative.

Cracks in the Crystal Ball

Economic forecasters tend to say the same thing at the same time, but they rarely get it right.

The Failures of Economic Forecasting

It is a conventional joke that economic forecasters always disagree, and that there are as many different opinions about the future of the economy...