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Price wars

Identifiable objectives, depths of resources and strength of commitment are the keys to success in a price war. Don’t launch one if you don’t have them.

Globalisation of the skies

Many firms have aspirations to “go global”, but this unanimity disguises both differences and confusion.

Clear thinking muddied by competitiveness

We would do better to stop talking about competitiveness. It seems only to get in the way of clear thinking.

A euphemism that is going out of fashion

How is it that so many companies have found it possible to slash their work forces? What is behind the fad of “downsizing”?

Oh Professor Porter, whatever did you do?

Is it really so bad to be “stuck in the middle”? If you can master the art of the “shifting concept” you can make any idea stick.

Down-payment required to curb bid fever

We would be better off if executives involved spent more time minding the store, rather than negotiating to buy each other's stores - so here is a proposal to put sand in the wheels of the takeover machine.

An idea full of leaks

Privatisation is not valuable in and of itself – it is competition that counts. Although it has worked elsewhere, it has not and will not work in the water industry, because there is no scope for competition.

Challenging the robust and flexible plc

We are converging on the plc as the only form of economic organisation in the modern world. But this is not without costs - and it is because we are not giving viable alternatives any legal encouragement.

The root of the matter

Is there a difference between a “stakeholding” corporation and one focussed on shareholder value? Yes: by treating customers and employees as ends, not means, companies do well by doing good.

Poor odds on the takeover lottery

Second hand firms have something important in common with second hand cars. This explains why takeovers have tended to disappoint.