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Paying everyone a basic income is not a realistic or fairer...

John Kay and Mary Bonsu argue against the motion that ‘Paying everyone a basic income is a realistic/fairer way to tackle poverty’. The debate took place on October 5th 2017 at the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution in North London. Speaking in support of basic income was Dr Malcolm Torry of the Citizens Basic Income Trust.

The basics of basic income

Basic income schemes cannot work and distract from sensible, feasible and necessary welfare reforms.

Simple arithmetic shows why basic income schemes cannot work

Swiss voters will decide in a referendum on June 5 whether to introduce a “basic income”. In proposed reforms to the social welfare system, all residents would be entitled to a guaranteed income of SFr30,000 ($30,275) a year from the state — unconditionally. It has attractions for people at both ends of the political spectrum, but is it workable?