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Don’t just do it

When should a government intervene in the market? It is not clear what New Labour thinks is the answer.

Redistibutive market liberalism (New Statesman)

For most of the last century, political debate on economic issues has been dominated by socialism. The agenda and the language of socialism...

A Theory of the Social Market

The communitarian view of politics and society - whereby our actions and views are inseperable from the communities in which we live - is not incompatible with mainstream economic thinking. Rather, it heightens our understanding of how markets work.

What’s in a name?

What is a brand? Sometimes it is a quality certificate and sometimes, simply part of the product itself. It matters which.

A quest for truth

Management, like medicine, can be taught. Sadly, the state of the art is a couple of centuries off the pace.


There is more to auctions than meets the eye. If you are going to design markets, make sure you understand how they work.

Why piece work went out of fashion

Piece rates are out of fashion but incentive contracts for top executives are in. Perhaps we will soon discover that the problems caused by piece rates also dog share option schemes.

Oh Professor Porter, whatever did you do?

Is it really so bad to be “stuck in the middle”? If you can master the art of the “shifting concept” you can make any idea stick.

On the trail of a good bet

We evaluate risks poorly - whether it comes to insurance, speculation or beef scares. These mistakes cost us all money in the long run.

The victory of market forces over central planning is complete (Social...

The victory of market forces over central planning is complete. The communist regimes of Eastern Europe collapsed under the weight of their own...