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Would I rather be Henry VIII?

Am I better off than Henry VIII? Dressing the question up in inflation statistics doesn’t make it any more sensible.

Why gurus should cross the bridge into business

Michael Porter’s models were based on a tool for industrial policy, not strategy. Now economists are beginning to understand the workings of firms as well as industries.

A world of difference

While accounting firms are “going global”, their rationale for doing so does not apply to other industries.

Value judgments

Why does water - essential to life - sell for less than diamonds? Any explanation which doesn’t look both at supply and demand will not get you far.

The price is right

Cynics know the price of everything and the value of nothing. When is there a difference between value and price?

Produced to price

For many people the role of manufacturing industry is an emotional issue rather than an economic one - meet the manufacturing fetishists.

Cars and capacity

More careful thinking in the field of accountancy is bringing it closer to economics

South Bank University – 1997 Annual Lecture

Ten years ago, ICI’s annual report described the company’s objectives: “ICI aims to be the world’s leading chemical company, serving customers internationally through the innovative...

Lemon economics

Tobacco companies are allowed to make no claims for their product at all, except that it is bad for you. An economist’s perspective on advertising may explain why.

Test of possession

“Ownership” is not a simple concept. I own my umbrella, and companies are owned by their shareholders. The word means different things in different situations.