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Risky business of genes

Our social attitudes, and our economic institutions – from the welfare state to the commercial legal system – depend on the increasingly tenuous distinction between nature, nurture and personal responsibility.

Equality and the Modern Economy: Are companies the new partners in...

Wednesday 28th October 1998 In the last of these seminars, John Gray described the social liberal position in equality, which he contrasted with what he...

Tick here if you have understood

Should regulations be clear, transparent and certain? To answer the question one must recognise the importance of informal systems of cultural regulation.

The Third Way

Is the third way simply an eclectic compromise which offers to drop any unpalatable bits from the familiar ideologies of far right and far left? I argue that if there is a third way, this is not where we will find it.

Economic Education: February 1998

John describes five groups of reasons why economic education is an indispensable part of any general education.

Frontiers of fashion

We overestimate the importance of short-term political change, and underestimate the significance of deep-seated societal difference.

Question of duty

It is not satisfactory that the Hampel Report can only offer an account of directors’ duties which is confusing and fundamentally incoherent.

A mystery solved

Gordon Brown should be criticised if he does not propose a root and branch reform of corporation tax within the life of this parliament.

Called to account

What are the responsibilities of Shell to society at large? There is a simple answer - and it’s wrong.

Don’t just do it

When should a government intervene in the market? It is not clear what New Labour thinks is the answer.