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Swiss in time with technology

If you really want to find the New Economy - and the underestimation of productivity gains - look no further than Switzerland.

Omens brightening in India and China

A brief history of business in the 21st Century

Forthcoming book – a summary

A flavour of John's forthcoming book, 'The Truth About Markets'.

Facing supermarket forces

Is Wal-Mart’s entry into the UK market a sign of global retailing? It’s an interesting move, when Wal-Mart itself is solidly small-town American.

Where size is not everything

Concentration in the car industry is increasing as the market goes global: a common story, and an untrue one.

Crisis, what crisis?

The crisis in the European social model should be clearly visible from Copenhagen. It proves hard to establish what is really supposed to be going wrong.

The key to the banks

Great size is a warning of trouble ahead in the banking industry; and the trouble may be for the taxpayer as much as the shareholder.

Economic forces and the hairdresser

Do not believe those who tell you that concentration or globalisation is inevitable. Think of your hairdresser.

A lost manuscript and the fantasy world of Amer and Eur

Being the fantastical story of the islands of Amer and Eur…

A world of difference

While accounting firms are “going global”, their rationale for doing so does not apply to other industries.