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Migration ins and outs

Our understanding of the effects of immigration is often distorted by emotive political arguments. An economic analysis uncovers some interesting questions.

Anti-capitalism books: May 2002

John surveys the latest wave of books attacking capitalism.

The great paradox

Large companies often incur the wrath of anti-globalisation protesters. But these firms suffer most from the increased competition globalisation itself bring.

Knowing the unknowable

Historians and insurers will both have to re-write their books following the terrorist attacks on America.

On John Kay’s Bookshelf – Archive page

Books that John has reviewed in the past...

Food for thought

Have you ever wondered why kangaroo burgers don't feature widely on British menus? The answer is that just as countries’ economies have developed differently, so have their national cuisines

A poor view of poverty

Many people wish there was a nicer model of economic development than captalism. In reality, the best thing they can do is encourage Western firms to raise their standards.

Geography is still important

Has geography ceased to matter in the age of globalisation, as many people believe? In this article John Kay shows that living standards and patterns of production are still largely determined by geographical factors.

Clusters, connectivity and Kevin Bacon

Building a monopoly on the back of network externalities is possible, but only by ignoring the complex reality of human relations.

Dose of retail therapy

“Rip-Off Britain” has turned into a damp squib. Economists are unlikely to be surprised.