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Review: New Labour (New Statesman)

The proposition which New Labour offered the voters in 1997 was essentially a simple one. Labour was very like the Conservative party while...

The hope, or fear, that it might be you

Thinking clearly about risk is difficult: we are influenced by hopes, by regrets, and by an inability to evaluate new risks.

Strategic advantage

There is more vacuity about strategy than about any other topic in business today. But there is a real issue, and a real subject of strategy for the corporation.

The future is not what it used to be

A look at 1960s futurology suggests that we have been misled by one extraordinary sector, electronics, into exaggerating the rate at which the world around us is changing.

In defence of endogenous growth theory

Much jargon is designed to conceal vacuity of thought. But technical terms have their place.

The Role of Business in Society

The view of business as necessarily selfish, narrow and instrumental, is, as it always has been, nonsense. Business which is selfish in motivation, narrow in outlook, and instrumental in behaviour is rarely successful business.

Plenty to read but not much to learn at the business...

Buy a typical business book at the airport and you’ll find nothing with which to disagree. Which is the problem.

Getting to the truth behind the one-stop shop

Doctor’s surgeries, supermarkets, and travel agents are all one-stop shops - which should tell us that there are different justifications for one-stop shopping.

A world of difference

While accounting firms are “going global”, their rationale for doing so does not apply to other industries.

A boardroom fable

The Tortoise, the Hare and the Management Consultant.