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Why fat cats are bad for business

Greed perceived as a quality rather than as a defect has had serious consequences to the business world.

The visible hand of the Treasury

The effort to define the 'third way' for the centre left after socialism continues with Gordon Brown's extended essay on economic philosophy to the Social Market Foundation. His analysis has many attractions - and many unresolved problems.

In search of self-interest

He is self interested, materialistic, and obsessed with calculating his worth. But who is the rational economic man?

Look and learn from Enron

Some major lessons can be learnt from Enron's collapse. Here they are, in an easy to remember list

On John Kay’s Bookshelf – Archive page

Books that John has reviewed in the past...

A poor view of poverty

Many people wish there was a nicer model of economic development than captalism. In reality, the best thing they can do is encourage Western firms to raise their standards.

A guide to get-rich-quick scams

The internet bubble bears some resemblance to a Ponzi scheme: a brief history of such schemes is informative.

The social route to economic success

If man were not a social animal he would not be as economically successful as he has been. A biological perspective can prove highly illuminating.

Blurring of responsibility

You can be responsible to people to whom you are not accountable; and you can deal with interlocking and conflicting responsibilities. Why do so many thoughtful people fail to realise this?

Ticket touts

As All England Club strives once more to foil ticket touts, the professional economist views the idea of the “just price” with patronising and detached amusement. But is he right?