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Cars and capacity

More careful thinking in the field of accountancy is bringing it closer to economics

South Bank University – 1997 Annual Lecture

Ten years ago, ICI’s annual report described the company’s objectives: “ICI aims to be the world’s leading chemical company, serving customers internationally through the innovative...

A rare privilege

Returns go where there is scarcity. The land in Champagne is intrinsically scarce. Other factors can be made scarce, or to cease to be scarce, as the history of broadcasting tells us.

Test of possession

“Ownership” is not a simple concept. I own my umbrella, and companies are owned by their shareholders. The word means different things in different situations.

Passes and returns

Dalglish arrives at Newcastle and Horlick moves to ABN Amro. The common theme: do teams, or individuals, capture the returns to outstanding performance?

Investment quality

Does it matter if all of Britain's electricity generating companies are owned by Americans? Neither laissez-faire nor chauvinism is the appropriate response to foreign ownership.

What’s in a name?

What is a brand? Sometimes it is a quality certificate and sometimes, simply part of the product itself. It matters which.

The new Newspeak

George Orwell dissected the use of language in politics. He would have found a similar target in the language of business.

Happy combination

Core competencies is one of the most used and abused phrases in business strategy. But a proper understanding of the idea behind the jargon is essential

A quest for truth

Management, like medicine, can be taught. Sadly, the state of the art is a couple of centuries off the pace.