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Monday, August 29, 2016
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The Long and the Short of It: New edition coming soon

A new and completely revised edition of The Long and the Short of It - finance and investment for normally intelligent people who are...

Open end or closed end?

Within days of Britain’s EU referendum vote, the country’s largest property unit trusts had closed to redemptions and slashed their asset values, or both. The promise of easy redemption resembled the umbrella that is recalled when it begins to rain. Open-ended property funds are not fit for purpose as retail investment vehicles. Perhaps it is time to query the dominance of open-ended vehicles in the savings market more generally.

The problems at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche bank’s share price has fallen by more than half in the last year. For some insight into the background see these two extracts...

What is the value to the economy of the finance and...

On July 6th, at Gresham College, John took part in a debate on the theme: "What is the value of finance and insurance to...

A setback to ‘capital markets union’ – a glimpse of silver...

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -- George Santanyana First, a quiz: Match the three authors with the three quotations which follow ...

How fintech could become far greater – by reforming financial services

Listen to John discuss with Mike Baliman the truly vast potential that still exists for Fintech to disrupt financial services.

Modern business, modern markets

Our markets need to adapt to the changed nature of 21st century business if they are to remain relevant in a world in which capitalism has little need of capital.

Opening bell at the London Stock Exchange

In fact it was an acrylic electronic tablet that was used to start the trading on June 29th, to celebrate the launch of the...

Berkshire business model is simple and effective, yet rarely copied

Buffett's method is to find well-run companies and give them more freedom than they would enjoy on public markets. Yet other conglomerates use financial engineering and impose “transferable” management skills.

Central problem with banks is “too complex to fail” not “too...

Recent stumbles by Bernie Sanders illustrate a misdirection in his attack on the banking establishment. The central problem is not so much “too big to fail” but “too complex to fail”.