John speaks to INET about Other People’s Money

Listen to John speak about Other People’s Money on This is Hell!

Listen to John’s FT podcast on Other People’s Money

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Catch John at one of the following events

John will be speaking at the following events to promote his new book, Other People’s Money:

He will also be speaking at the British Science Association Conference, September 8th. Details to follow.

Read the introductory chapter of John’s new book

John’s forthcoming book “Other People’s Money: Masters of the Universe or Servants of the People?” is available:

  • September 3rd, in the UK (Profile). Available for pre-order on Amazon here.
  • September 22nd in the US (PublicAffairs). Available for pre-order on Amazon here.

You can read the introductory chapter, in full, by clicking here.

British Academy – John speaks about well-being

John appears on the following British Academy video about about well-being, and what government can do to promote it (see 1min 47 secs and 10mins 30 secs):

John spoke to BBC Radio Scotland about Scottish independence and currency

Please refer to the following link, at 9 minutes:

The Bow Group Interview

On January 30th John was interviewed by Luke Springthorpe, Research Secretary of the Bow Group. During the discussion they covered many areas of finance, including regulation, taxes and monetary policy. Watch the full interview here.

Reuters Interview

John was recently interviewed by Reuters about The Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision-Making that was published in February 2012. He discussed what progress has been made in the financial sector and how that can be continued in the future. Click here to read the article.

Corporate Research Forum – 5th International Conference, Madrid

On the 3rd October John gave the keynote speech at the Corporate Research Forum’s 5th International Conference in Madrid. He spoke on the strengths and weaknesses of market economies and the implications for business and public policy. Watch it here.